Tranky Doo: Spirit Moves Version

  • This DVD includes:

      - History of the dance
      - Breakdown of 30 steps

    The Tranky Doo is a routine that was performed by a chorus girl in the 1940’s at Club De Lisa in Chicago.

    Dancers took this routine and added their own flair and other steps to create an amazing routine with many vernacular jazz steps.

    On this DVD the routine is comprised of steps done by Al Minns, Leon James and Pepsi Bethal.

    This choreography is named the SPIRIT MOVES VERSION since most of the steps can be seen there.

    Additional steps were pulled from other original dance clips of Al Minns and Leon James piecing together the remaining sequence.

    These dancers created a different version of steps from the FRANKIE MANNING VERSION (also available on our website).

    By learning the TRANKY DOO (both versions) you will add a large array of Jazz steps to your Lindy repertoire.

    Joel encourages you to learn the steps and the sequence well enough to make it your own and add your own flair!

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