The Shim Sham: All 3 Routines

  • This DVD includes:

      - The ORIGINAL Shim Sham
      - The AL & LEON Shim Sham
      - The DEAN COLLINS Shim Sham

    The SHIM SHAM is a classic line dance know by Lindy Hoppers all over the world.  It was created in 1927 by tap dancers Leonard Reed and Willy Bryant.

    The AL & LEON SHIM SHAM is a great variation on the classic Shim Sham Routine.  Al Minns and Leon James were famous dancers from the Savoy Ballroom days with a style all their own. Along with their innovative Lindy Hop, they would also dance a highly improvisational version of the Shim Sham.

    The DEAN COLLINS SHIM SHAM  is another variation on this classic routine. Dean learned Lindy in New York and brought his own style to California.  Along with his innovative Lindy, he also created his own version of the Shim Sham using some of his favorite steps.

    Joel encourages you to master the basic routine so that you can start to add your own variations and style to them.  This DVD includes a split screen view of the original Shim Sham with the other versions so that you can see their similarities and differences.

    This DVD includes all 3 Shim Sham versions, with over 35 steps taught.  Each of the steps can be integrated into your Lindy as stylistic jazz steps or lead/follow variations.

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