Balboa Follower Festival


    In 2007, a very special gathering took place for Balboa.

    Anne Mills and some of the best Balboa female dancers shared their skills and history with the new generation of Balboa dancers.  This DVD contains amazing material not only for followers, but also a great perspective on the dance that any Balboa fan needs to hear.

    Leaders and Followers - listen to Anne Mills and enjoy the cool moves you'll learn on this DVD.

    After this event took place, more emphasis was placed on teaching more for followers at major events.  This was a major goal of the Balboa Follower Festival and Joel is proud to be the stimulus for more follower focused endeavors.

    This DVD includes:

      - Class material from the following Instructors:
        * Anne-Helene (France)
        * Heidi & Steve (Los Angeles)
        * Alison Scola & Joel Plys (San Diego)
        * Maryse & Zack (Canada)
        * Laura & Jeremy (Orange County)
        * Kelly & Mickey (New York)
        * Brenda & Jeff (Portland)

        Special Guests:
        * Anne & John Mills

      - Vintage Clips Footage
      - Q&A with Anne Mills

    DVD produced by Doug Silton:

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