Become a part of the Hang Ten Hopper family!


Learn fun routines and moves without the requirement to perform.  Our 7pm & 8pm classes are open for everyone to participate!  

We do recommend that you have your Jitterbug, Lindy Hop and Charleston basics solid before joining us.  The classes are at an intermediate level and are taught at a slightly quicker pace than a beginner group class. 

Approval from Joel is required in order to participate in our  9pm Advanced Performance Group class. Contact us if you are interested in auditioning!

We have a blast learning classic and new routines, challenging our dancers to pick up choreography faster and take their skills to new heights.  Although performing is not required, we are hired consistently at gigs all around San Diego and in just a few short years have paid our dancers over $38,000!


The most important things you will get out of Hoppers is feeling included & supported...laughing and smiling...making life long friends & having fun in class and in our Hopper outings...come see for yourself why joining H10H is the BEST choice for YOUR dancing!

Check out our CALENDAR page and sign up for the next Hang Ten Hoppers class on our

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