Get to know the Instructors that will be teaching our group classes, private lessons and at social dance events run by Swing Dancing San Diego!

All of our Instructors go through a Teacher Training Program with Joel Plys. They have put in hours of hard work to better understand class management, lead/follow concepts, connection, professionalism and the ability to "dance more, talk less".


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I started swing dancing in January of 2014 and was immediately hooked. I soon danced 5-6 days a week, either social dancing or taking classes. My absolute favorite Swing Era dance is Collegiate Shag. 

I love seeing new students start the swing dance journey. My favorite moment is when they realize that they are dancing a move that they previously thought was fancy and way too difficult. 


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I started swing dancing in 2012. My favorite dance is Lindy Hop. Favorite thing about teaching: running in to our students at social dances and seeing them having fun with their new skills!


Bio coming soon...


Started swing dancing in January 2011

Favorite swing dance: Balboa, Lindy Hop with aerials

Favorite thing teaching swing dancing: watching people falling in love with this dance


I fell in love with Blues dancing the first time I saw it and started taking lessons in Blues, Lindy Hop, and Balboa in 2011. I love the connection, partnership, and versatility that characterizes Swing and Blues dancing and sharing that with my students. I enjoy helping others to find the same joy in partnered swing and blues dancing that I do.


I was introduced to swing dance in college and then took my first workshop in 2005 in Pensacola, FL. I was hooked. I love many types of dance, but my favorite is a bluesy lindy! After almost 10 years of teaching, my favorite thing is watching my students get hooked on that sweet dance connection, too!


I started swing dancing in 2011 because a music teacher told me about it. My favorite dance? It's a toss up between Lindy Hop and Charleston.


My favorite part of teaching is seeing people fall in love with the dance. It's even more rewarding when I see it help people through difficult life stages like it did for me. Swing dancing helped me recover a sense of joy, creativity, connection, and spontaneity.


After training in almost every style of partner dancing I began swing dancing in 2014 and became hooked! It’s hard to choose a favorite swing dance: I love Lindy for the playful athleticism and Balboa for the beautiful, technical footwork.

What I love most about teaching is watching the students develop from just learning the steps to really feeling the music and learning to connect with each other.


I studied tap, jazz and ballet for 10+ years growing up, and have dabbled in different styles of partner dancing for the past few years. I started swing dancing in 2017, and enjoy incorporating my previous dance training into partner dancing.


Collegiate shag is my favorite style, but I love them all. My favorite part of teaching is seeing students smile when they execute their first move, and am excited to share the joy I have found through dancing with others!


I am obsessed with all things swing, and want to share it with everyone, but Shag is the most fun! Five years ago, I started out in Latin, and Ballroom, but when I discovered Swing (thanks Joel and Jackie) I was gone daddy gone.


Dancing makes me happy!   I've dabbled with dancing styles over the years (tap, jazz, foxtrot, and even hula). I started with Swing Dancing San Diego in 2016, and love the music, friendships, and the challenge of learning new steps.  Dancing is much more fun than running on a treadmill for exercise! 

My favorite dances are Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Charleston....although I took a Shag lesson that left me wanting more!


Matt started swing dancing in Washington D.C. in 1998 because of the Gap commercial that aired and Melissa discovered social swing dancing after taking a swing dance elective at University in 2005 in Tampa, Florida. Matt and Melissa met in 2006 at the weekly dance in Tampa.

We both enjoy Lindy Hop and Balboa. Balboa has been our main focus lately. We love teaching swing because we enjoy sharing the love we have for the dance to others. We also feel that it is important to give back to a community that has given us so much joy throughout the years. 


I started swing dancing in 2008 because of my best friends parents. My favorite dance is the lindy hop by far. 
I love teaching dance because watching people realize they can dance is such a rewarding moment.

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