"It don't mean a thing, if you ain't sweatin' to swing!"

In the heyday of the Swing Era dancers would flock to the mecca of dance halls - The Savoy Ballroom.  The tagline for the Savoy was "the home of happy feet".  In keeping with the tradition of sharing many of the steps and the music from that era we have created HAPPY FEET FITNESS.


The main elements of Happy Feet Fitness are vernacular Jazz routines, the footwork rhythms of Jitterbug, Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, and the Charleston.  All of this is combined with the timeless music of the Swing Era as well as current retro-Swing.


The program can be varied from a full on HIIT program to a relaxed senior pace (even in chairs), and great for kids.  It's an event for all ages!

Contact us if you want Joel to bring this amazing program to your venue, school, YMCA, or even getting your employees moving during their lunch break!

"Joel teaches a very unique format that we call Happy Feet Fitness.  He is a world renowned Swing Dancer and instructor.  Several years ago he created this group exercise/cardio format where he teaches traditional choreography and breaks it down so even a non-dancer can feel successful.  His class is VERY popular with members of all ages - the class keeps growing.  I have worked at our Y for almost 30 years and have seen many trends and fads come and go. I feel this is a strong program and has potential for huge growth."


—  Dana H. (Group Exercise Coordinator of La Jolla YMCA)


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